Mission & Vision Statements



“To EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER the individual to take charge of their own health.  To attain vitality and a strong immune system using, exercise, proper nutrients and healthy lifestyles.”


Vision Statement (pdf)

To our patients:

To achieve wellness, healing and inner peace, through the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.

To create a safe, nurturing atmosphere, to empower the individual to tap into their own innate healing power, and to direct their own treatment with the direction, help and cooperation of the health-care team.

To offer a full spectrum of health-care services by bridging the knowledge of ancient healing wisdom and traditional methods.

To create clear, concise, honest communication and understanding between the doctor, patient, practitioner and other team members; working for the greater good of the patient.

To address the well being and needs of the whole person, integrating mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components of vibrant health.

To educate, inform and empower the individual to set and maintain realistic goals for natural therapeutic wellness programs for which they can monitor and acknowledge the benefits.

To be dedicated to the safety, comfort, security and confidentiality of our patients.

To achieve healing and maintain vibrant health – not simply the absence of disease.

To our employees:

To be treated with respect in an open, honest and fair manner.

To be given clear direction and a clear understanding of expectations.

To be included as an integral part of the team and to value your input and ideas.

To encourage and expect personal responsibility and accountability.

To be fairly compensated for services rendered and for your continuing contribution to the organization.

To our practitioners:

To provide a positive, supportive atmosphere for you to practice in, and perfect your art, and to grow and prosper.

To provide a clean well equipped and well maintained facility to allow you to work efficiently and with care.

To develop a strong sense of community.  To engender a spirit of cooperation and team work involving each member of the organization.

To maintain clear, concise, honest communication and understanding for the greater good of the patient and the organization.

To maintain high integrity, and a high level of quality, care, and service.

To our owners/investors/ directors:

To have and maintain a clearly focused vision.

To clearly and effectively communicate our dedication, direction, purpose, challenge and motivation to that common vision.

To maintain the highest standards of integrity.  To inspire and empower each individual to be all that they can be, treating them with fairness, courtesy and respect.

To bring prompt, fair and effective resolution to problems as they arise.

To offer quality care at competitive prices, ensuring a fair and reasonable profit, while maintaining a vibrant and effective business enterprise.

To approach every business decision with compassion and enlightenment for the greater good.

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