We appreciate our clients who take the time to give us feedback on our services.  We always like to know how well we are meeting our clients goals and expectations and whether we are living up to the high standards we have set ourselves.
Please find below a list of testimonials we have received. If you have used our services and would like to leave us a testimonial, please do contact us.

All of these testimonials are on file in our clinic for your review.  Some of the testimonials below have been modified for clarity from their original Spanish language.


February 2, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:

I was having problems with a sore neck and numbness, soreness, and lameness on the left side of my body.  I thought I could have had a slight stroke.
I had good insurance through the retired teacher’s organization.  They did extensive MRI’s, x-rays, studied and diagnosed the problem to be a compressed disc and believed that I would need to have neck surgery eventually.
Because of Richard, I have no neck pain or problems.  My left arm, leg, and side are returning to normal.  My headaches are gone.  My prostrate is returning to normal.
My memory is returning or is in a better place than before.  My sense of smell is returning after years of not being able to smell odors.
So thank you very much, Richard.  I would recommend you to anyone.
Roger S.

I am 25 years old, I was born in Guaymas, Sonora, I have been Richards patient since 2003, my main problem was bipolar disorder, I presented with strong depression when I was 14 years old, I was in medical/psychiatric treatment at least one year and the rest of the time I was taking natural remedies that my grandmother gave me and other persons who understood about “herbs or folk medicine.” After many recommendations and many remedies and maybe a little relief, but not what I was looking for.
In 2003 I read on the internet that Chinese medicine has a very strong effect on depression, anxiety, and for people with drug problems.  I decided to receive my treatment for a diagnosis of “Bipolar syndrome” or “Manic/Depressive disorder” in this clinic of oriental medicine.
After some explanation, which in that moment I didn’t understand, due to my state of mind; I got my treatment.  It was like coming back to life, after many years of sadness without any reason.  Having depression without knowing why, afraid of nothing and of everything, sometimes afraid to leave my house.  After my treatment the problem started decreasing, little by little and I got back to my daily activities.  I was able to go back to the school and little by little I began to recuperate my lucidity and my happiness, I got back to enjoying my life.
Currently I am a salesperson,  I am married and I have a daughter, and I can feel the happiness thanks to the treatment I found here.  I highly recommend oriental medicine and the experience is something I value very much.
Ah!!! A comment I forgot to make, I recovered by 80% improvement in only 15 days, the balance was done step by step.  This disease was chronic, but in 15 days I recovered my love for life …. a grace life.
Francisco R.

This woman at 25 years old was diagnosed by her medical doctors, using ultra sound, with cysts on the right breast, and both ovaries, and a myoma (fibroid tumor) in the uterus.  She received treatment in our clinic daily for one week.  After treatment she returned home to Mexicali and received another ultra sound which showed the cysts and myoma were gone.

Hello Family!!!
I went with the Doctor and he made another ultrasound and …..EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!!!, there are no ovarian cysts, or myoma.  The cyst in my right breast has disappeared and there is nothing to worry about.
Afterwards the doctor told me I can stop taking the contraceptive pills  because they are not necessary. I feel very well, I didn’t have any problems.  I am so happy.
I don’t have anything to say, only…….

Claudia B.

To Whom it May Concern:
Re: Richard B. Smithee, acupuncturist
Among my life’s regrets is that it took me until I reached the age 70 to find the benefits of acupuncture.
When I was five years old I had a severe case of Rheumatic Fever.  I could not walk for a time and had to learn to walk all over again.  My ankles ached terribly during that illness, and after that time, whenever I became fatigued I would have severe aching in my ankles. It was a problem that persisted without relief for 65 years.
Physicians I contacted about the problem could do nothing except recommend aspirin or Advil, which did not eliminate the hurting.
Thanks to Richard Smithee’s offer to try to help the condition I had a few acupuncture treatments.  They provided complete relief after three weeks.  I appreciate the freedom from that perennial pain of 65 years.
Before trying acupuncture I was nervous about the perceived discomfort of the treatment, and was happily surprised to find that it did not hurt in the way I thought it might.
I appreciate what Richard Smithee has done for me, in improving the quality of life in my senior years.
Lawrence W.

Many years ago I developed type 2 diabetes.  In the beginning I could control it, then four years ago my problems got worse.  I lived with very high glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides; I went to the medical doctors but they could not control them.
In August 28, 2006 my blood test results were:
Glucose 364
Cholesterol 543
Triglycerides 1,160
At the same time I had strong colitis pain and atrocious constipation, I was having a bowel movement once a week.  I also had strong pain in all of my bones and joints in my hands and feet along with sciatic pain.
In the clinic Pasaporte a la Salud, doctor Richard Smithee started my treatment with acupuncture, a diet of fruit, cereals, vegetables and supplements, and I began to clean out my intestines.
In October 2006 my blood test results were:
Glucose 224
Cholesterol 294
Triglycerides 391
By January 2007 my blood test results were:
Glucose 229
Cholesterol 227
Triglycerides 264
These results were after a Christmas party and without being on a diet.
I thank doctor Richard Smithee and his team for their work,  I now feel very good, even though I have a lot of family problems,  I keep myself calm and I can sleep well now, before I had insomnia.
Rosa Maria S.

My first time to visit the clinic Pasaporte a la Salud I met Dr. Richard Smithee, my first appointment took more than two hours.  I have been sick with arthritis rheumatism for 24 years.  When I arrived at the clinic I had very painful joints in my entire body, and I could not walk, I was very sick.
Thank God and Dr. Richard Smithee, today I feel very well, but I follow his directions which is very important to me.
Maria Jesus V.

Thank you for giving me such relief from the terrible pain I had been experiencing each month.  My menstruation cramps were so bad, they put me to bed for two days out of every month.  I was unable to perform at my job, or do anything else.
Your regular acupuncture treatments soon gave me relief from my pain.  I no longer dread that “time of the month” anymore.
Your skillful, gentle touch in your work and your knowledgeable and careful decision making in patient care management provide me, and all your patients with the best holistic health care.
I highly recommend your care to family, friends, and acquaintances.  I can certainly verify your effectiveness and your techniques to anyone who wishes to achieve true health.
Thank you again for providing me with such expert and thoughtful care.
Diane G.

I originally came to Passport to Health with carpal tunnel syndrome, after being treated with western medicine for a year and a half with very little results.  I sought other remedies to heal that’s when I met Richard Smithee.  He had my Passport to Health through massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies.

I also had a menstrual cycle with serious pain and a mind of its own after being on the Depo Perva shot for two years and I’ve recently injured my left knee.

My passport to a health is once a week for the past six months with Richard Smithee.  My menses is like clockwork with no cramps very little bloating.  My knee, which was the size of a big orange, is back to normal size and pain free.  My carpal tunnel which I had been struggling with in the past, is no longer a struggle at all.


Violet W.

Making the shift from traditional medicine to a more holistic health care is not always a clear-cut decision.  When my 7-year-old daughter woke up one morning with a red bump on the side of her nose next to her eye, I didn’t think much of it until after four weeks it was still there and not budging.  I took her to the regular doctor who looked at it and gave us a week’s worth of topical antibiotic, one week, no change.  The doctor said it was probably scar tissue and would not go away, at this point I was a little upset as this bump was a real mar on the beauty of my child.  The doctor put her on a 19 day supply of antibiotics for skin conditions, nothing changed.  After six weeks of this I thought I would try calling Passport To Health, although skeptical I put her into the loving hands of Richard Smithee, acupuncturist, he did what was called surrounding the dragon, putting 4 needles all around the affected area and to my great surprise Jasmine didn’t mind a bit, after several visits she even fell asleep after the needles were inserted and had to be carried to the car afterwards, sound asleep.  It took a few treatments as the wound was quite deep, the red bump is gone and I am certain that there will be no scar.  By the way the next step the medical doctors were going to take was to shoot it full of steroids and if that failed try surgery,  I feel that acupuncture is a much better alternative as it allows the body to heal itself without bombarding it with toxic chemicals and unnecessary surgeries.
I was so impressed with how Jasmine took to Richard, (and believe me I am not won over easily) that myself, my husband and also my 12 year old son are receiving treatments for various conditions.  After my treatments my friends have commented how well I look without knowing that I had been treated.
Sincerely and with high recommendation to Richard Smithee
Dawn K.

The joy of pain relief thru acupuncture

Over the last 10 years I have had 3 surgeries on my right shoulder for Rotator Cuff problems.  Since my last surgery, whenever there has been any pain, I have gone to Richard Smithee for acupuncture and I have been amazed at the amount of pain relief that occurs.  I have decided that 3 surgeries was more than enough and I do not want the possibility of there being any more damage done than I already have.  The acupuncture works wonders and after 20 – 30 minutes I feel like my old self again.

Chris B.

Dear Richard,

I am writing this at 8 A.M. Sunday morning, because I can’t wait to tell you on Wednesday.

Last night after my 5th treatment I was able to move my left leg up to rest above my right knee.  I said a prayer.  I hadn’t been able to do this for over 5 months.  This morining I was able to do stretching exercises without pain.  Then when I raised my left leg to rest on my right knee to tie my shoe, I was elated.  I could not even force it before, because the pain was so severe.  The pain in my hands was the reason I came to Passport To Health.  When told, I would have to have double surgeries in both hands and wrists, I knew I had to try Alternative Medical choices.

For 2 years I haven’t been able to stand at the sink and finish doing dishes without stopping and sitting down to rest.  For the last two days I have completed this chore without stopping, without back or leg pain, and in only 2 weeks and 4 treatments.

Now you know why I had to write to you.  The caring, gentleness you give to people proves you are using your knowledge and use of this God Given Gift.

Hope this letter will suffice until I can thank you in person

Eleanor J.

For the past five years I have been in ever increasing pain that seemed to center in my lower back.  I tried off-the-shelf medicines, prescription drugs, cortisone shots and chiropractors, but to no avail.

Back surgery in March 1998 worsened the condition in that the pain now included the lower back, right hip and my right ankle and leg.  The next surgery in January 1999 involved installing a probe to the spine with the wire routed under the skin to a stimulator package implanted in the buttocks.  The electronic contraption, after many attempts by professionals to make it perform as predicted was utterly useless.

By this time, I could not stand or walk but a few steps and a wheel chair seemed my only option.  It was Divine Guidance that lead us to meet Richard Smithee at church.  Acupuncture was completely foreign to me, but after a few treatments, with very definite results in pain reduction, I am a firm believer.

After 12 treatments, I am walking several blocks, doing household chores, have more energy and once again, have a very positive attitude.

Thanks to God, working through a very caring man, like Richard Smithee, the pain has greatly reduced and I am confident it will disappear entirely.

Phoebe M.

To Whom It May Concern:

I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for Richard Smithee and the medical help he has given me.  When I first met Richard he was immediately able to see, even without asking me, that I was suffering medically.  When he asked how I was feeling I sensed that he really cared and was not just asking out of politeness.  I explained to him about the migraine headaches I had been suffering with since a child and he immediately told me he could help.  I had recently been hospitalized on an emergency basis for a migraine.  The treatment was ineffective.

During the last 5 months of treatment from Richard, he has solved my migraine problems with acupuncture, deep massage therapy and proper nutrition.  His hands-on, total body approach to medicine has made such a difference in my life.  Richard takes the time to ask many questions to help him determine the correct approach to healing.  He always takes the time to explain the reasons for his questions and how the body is connected.  His genuine concern for people is very evident.

I feel very confident in Richard’s ability to help people.  I have suggested his services to several people and will continue to recommend him.  To me, Richard will always be my healer and teacher.  Anyone who looks to him for medical help will receive tremendous medical knowledge, experience and genuine caring.

Colleen K.

I started suffering from pain and stiffness in my hands, fingers and feet.  I also began experiencing chronic fatigue.  It eventually got so bad I could not dress myself.  My job often required the use of office equipment and a pencil which caused a great deal of pain for me.  In one week I used up a large bottle of Tylenol.  I was frightened to see a doctor for fear of what he would tell me.  My suspicions were confirmed when I was told by three doctors that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was given various drugs such as prednisone which I took reluctantly.  At this point, I started doing research on this disease and the side effects of the different medications being administered.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  Shortly thereafter, I decided this was not the course of treatment I wanted for my body.

I believe in the power of prayer, therefore, I put all my energies into praying for a small miracle.  Apparently, my prayers were being answered because my massage therapist gave me some vital information on an internal colon cleanse.

By this time, I had retired and completely changed my diet.  I eliminated all sugars, processed and fast foods.  All of which played a large part in my lifestyle prior to my illness.  I did the colon cleanse for 28 days which rid my body of toxins.  I began to notice an improvement in my health, however, I still had a very low energy level.  At this time, my massage therapist suggested I try acupuncture treatments.

Richard Smithee, my acupuncturist, scheduled my sessions twice a week.  I was a little apprehensive and nervous in the beginning, however, Richard immediately put my fears at ease with his thoroughness and professionalism.  I was greatly impressed by his compassion, gentleness and keen interest in my treatments.  Richard gave me an abundance of useful information on ways to help heal myself.  What I found extremely reassuring was the fact that he explained everything he did and why before performing any procedure.  Richard also helped me better understand the effects of this disease within my body.

I noticed after only two weeks of treatments I began feeling tremendously better, however, I still required a nap every day.  I mentioned this to Richard and he suggested I have a hair analysis done.  He did this procedure for me and shortly thereafter I was given a complete vitamin/mineral program.  It was then that I noticed a remarkable improvement in my energy level.  I no longer required a nap every day.  I felt more ambitious and for the first time in a long time I was able to do my chores effortlessly.  My health has improved at least 90% since I first began acupuncture, supplements and herbal therapy.  Best of all, there are no side effects that are detrimental to my health and well being.  I am still in weekly acupuncture treatments and will continue to do so as long as necessary.

I am very grateful for all the help I have received from Richard Smithee and these wonderful natural programs.  I commend Richard and all the good individuals who made my road to recovery possible.  I highly recommend the natural approach, particularly acupuncture, to acquire and maintain good health.  I am a testimonial to the fact that it can only do good things for the body.

Ester G.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Vanesa . . . , I have been a client of Richard Smithee for about 3 months, ten sessions.  My first experience at Passport To Health with Richard was different than I had expected because I had never felt so comfortable in a doctors office before.  He was so gentle and relaxing.  I was hooked.  From going from a constant 24 hour back pain to no lower back pain at all within 3 sessions.  Wow, I would trust Richard with my life.

I love Richard Smithee he is such an amazing physician.  I thank God that I found him.


Vanessa L.

I have known Richard Smithee for about six months and already he has become an important part of my life.  I introduced him to my husband after my first treatment and he has also benefited greatly from Richard’s gift of healing.

Recently, my husband recommended Mr. Smithee to our son-in-law, who is also experiencing relief from neck pain.  Richard Smithee is a great healer with a gift for knowing what is wrong and how to fix it.  He has become a valued friend and I trust him completely.  Even though his type of treatment was foreign to me at first – he has always made me feel very comfortable, and I trust him completely.  What he charges for his service can never pay for the wonderful care and relief he has given to me.


Susan W.

To Whom It May Concern:

I approached Richard Smithee, of Passport To Health, for treatment of a number of conditions in late summer this year.

Trained over the past 10 years in many healing modalities myself, including massage.  I am acutely aware of the need for complete trust between client and therapist and expect, and receive, this from those treating me.

In the sessions with Richard, I found him to be most professional and trustworthy.  He took the time and made the effort to explain what he was proposing and gained approval before moving on.  His concern for the comfort of the client was uppermost – in room temperature, ensuring proper covering on the body, asking permission before needle insertion in particular areas.  The experience was one of feeling very safe and secure.

I have recommended several friends and associates to his care, now being in the fortunate position to have benefitted from his treatments, and feel my conditions were professionally and successfully addressed.

Yours faithfully,

Isabel P.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Michelle … I am a licensed Acupuncturist and have been working at Richard Smithee’s clinic for the past two years.  The setting is very professional and nurturing.  Richard has built an environment where people can heal.

The comfort and modesty of patients always comes first.  Richard is very thorough in explaining what he plans to do before he starts the treatment.  Patients are told that they can stop the treatment at any point if they are uncomfortable with any aspect.  After talking with the patient Richard asks if it is OK for him to proceed.  This is the patients chance to say yes or no or ask further questions.  In watching Richards way of being with patients I have learned new techniques for draping the patient to protect their modesty.

Richard Smithee has done a breast massage as part of one of my treatments.  I have migraines that are a difficult challenge to control.  The purpose of the massage was to remove the blockage that was causing pain, stagnation and not allowing toxins to be cleared from my body.  The massage worked the lymph glands that are in the area of the pectoral muscle and under the arm and down the side.  Some of the areas worked do have breast tissue over it.  This type of massage is not sensual, sexual or necessarily enjoyable.  The purpose is to move blockages and toxins, so that the body has an easier job of healing.  After the massage I felt much better, with less pain and more relaxed.  Richard Smithee has always been very professional and caring with his patients.

Michelle B.


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