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Poor bowel management is the root cause of most health problems.  The bowel must be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.

Medical schools teach doctors disease intervention and treatment of symptoms.  The focus is to identify physical problems and/or symptoms and then treat the symptom with drugs or other medical interventions.  This approach often ignores the underlying cause of the condition.  As an example, if you have gastritis or acid reflux problems you would typically be given Nexium or Omeprazole, or if you self-medicate you use Tums, Maalox or a similar antacid.  These drugs block the digestive fluids which are responsible for digesting proteins.  The protein then passes from the stomach to the intestines undigested where it putrefies causing intestinal gas, creating constipation and toxins in the bowel.  While this approach is effective in treating the symptom of gastritis it does not consider the overall problem or the underlying cause.  It is rather like driving your car and having the red light come on indicating the engine is hot.  If you took the car to a mechanic and he cut the wire to the red light the symptom would be gone but the underlying problem still exists.

Chinese medicine uses preventive medicine to insure the overall health of the entire body.  Health is not simply the absence of disease, but rather vibrant health in which all body functions work together with proper nutrition, exercise, rest, relaxation and above all proper intake of water. The body needs sufficient water to cleanse toxins, lubricate the joints and cool the interior temperatures, digest and assimilate foods, and lubricate the intestines. 



“To EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER the individual to take charge of their own health.  To attain vitality and a strong immune system using, exercise, proper nutrients and healthy lifestyles

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By Richard Smithee

To educate, motivate and empower the individual to take charge of their own health. To attain vitality and a strong immune system using, exercise, proper nutrients and healthy lifestyles.

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